Solo Musica does not only understand itself as a classical record company. We understand ourselves also as “homeland” for all the individual artists of this time. Intensive co-operation with our partners (i.e. Concert Agency Musica Vivendi) provides the necessary flexibility, which became necessary for us today in the age of the fast market. Therefore the artists at Solo Musica are fully integrated in the entire production process with merged. Additionally to already existing productions of artists like the worldwide known Cellist Julius Berger, one of the best ones of its subject, the Wiener Symphoniker, the famous Gewandhaus-Quartett, the young Russian Violinist Dogadin, the Casal Quartett, the Ensemble RARO, the Piano-artist Margarita Hhenrieder and the Carmina Quartett, the releases of the fine classical Label Campanella with members of the Berlin Philharmonics and the owner of the label and one of the best Oboists worldwide Hansjrg Schellenberger are present. We understand ourselves as border crossers between the musical worlds. Music is the language – the language is the music. The borders are flowing… into music and picture. The substantial is the music…….