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Porpora, N.: Opera Arias



In Stock - Usually ships within 24 hours.

Disc 1

    Adelaide (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord

  1. Aria: Nobil onda - 00:07:22
  2. Aria: Non sempre invendicata - 00:03:10

  3. Ezio (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord

  4. Recitativo ed aria: Misera, dove son? - 00:01:31
  5. Aria: Non son io che parlo - 00:07:19

  6. Polifemo (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Conducted by: Christophe Rousset
    Ewa Mallas-Godlewska, soprano
    Nicolau De Figueiredo, harpsichord
    Veronica Cangemi, soprano
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord
    Derek Lee Ragin, alto

  7. Recitative: Aci, amato mio bene - 00:03:45
  8. Aria: Smanie - 00:08:22

  9. Imeneo (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord

  10. Imeneo: Aria: Mi chiederesti meno - 00:07:37

  11. Angelica (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord

  12. Angelica: Aria: Mentre rendo a te la vita - 00:05:58

  13. Arianna in Naxo (more info)
    Composed by: Nicola Porpora
    Karina Gauvin, soprano
    Alan Curtis, harpsichord

  14. Ouverture - 00:08:09
  15. Aria: Ahi che langue - 00:06:50
  16. Aria: Il tuo dolce mormorio - 00:03:21
  17. Recitative: Misera, e che faro? - 00:02:02
  18. Aria: Misera sventurata - 00:07:17
  19. Aria: Si caro ti consola - 00:06:13


Write a review

Brava Karina! (Dec 20, 2009)
Reviewer:Jim D.
I've heard Karina Gauvin as soloist in several works (including a lovely Mozart Requiem), and looked forward to this album of arias by Nicolo Porpora, in his time a major opera composer. He may not have Handel's gift of instantly memorable melody, but his music falls easily on the ear, and calls for the soloist to display virtuoso technique in a variety of emotions (the majority of them less... (read more)

Porpora to good purpose (Oct 1, 2009)
Reviewer:Craig Zeichner
To many modern listeners the Neapolitan composer Nicola Porpora is mostly remembered for being one of Handel’s rivals for supremacy on the London stage. Anti-Handel factions formed The Opera of the Nobility, a company whose purpose was to bring down the Royal Academy of Music (Handel’s company) and Porpora was their chief composer. Despite the fact that Porpora wrote five operas, an oratorio... (read more)

Reviewer:jerrold fink
Porpora Arias – A Wonderful Surprise!
Nicola Porpora (1686-1768) was a composer from the Neopolitan School in Italy who wrote 48 operas and various Religious works. He was considered an excellent vocal coach having the great castrato, Farinelli as his star pupil. He competed unsuccessfully with Handel in London in 1729, and, later in life became one of Franz Joseph Haydn’s early music...
(read more)

A beautiful voice (Sep 24, 2009)
Canadian soprano Karina Gauvin has a pretty voice and good Baroque technique—nice trills, ornaments, and coloratura, seamless register breaks, and a pleasing tone. She has that Kathy Battle sweetness about her. I’d be interested in hearing her sing the standard rep—roles like Blondchen, Linda di Chamounix, Adina, etc.

For my taste, Porpora’s music is less than exciting. It is...
(read more)


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Product Details
Porpora, Nicola

Curtis, Alan; Gauvin, Karina

Label: ATMA Classique
UPC: 722056259026
Item Number: ACD2 2590
Release Date: Aug 25, 2009

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