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This item is not currently available.

This item is currently out of print.

LUCIENNE BOYER "Parlez-moi d’amour " Few songs could be more representative of their time and place than Parlez-moi d’amour …Which is not to...

Disc 1

    Parlez-moi d'amour (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Lenoir
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  1. Parlez-moi d'amour - 2:56

  2. Dans la fumee (more info)
    Composed by: Jane Bos
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  3. Dans la fum? - 3:19

  4. Parle-moi (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Lenoir
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  5. Parle-moi - 3:14

  6. Youp et youp (more info)
    Composed by: Scotte
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  7. Youp et youp - 2:18

  8. Qui m'aurait (more info)
    Composed by: Attillo Serpieri
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  9. Qui m'aurait - 2:46

  10. Je l'aimais tant (more info)
    Composed by: Gaston Lemaire
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  11. Je l'aimais tant - 2:53

  12. Attends (more info)
  13. Attends - 3:03

  14. Le Coup dur (more info)
  15. Le Coup dur - 2:43

  16. Desir … (Garde moi dans tes bras) (more info)
  17. Desir... (Garde moi dans tes bras) - 3:20

  18. Les filles de la nuit (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Boyer Leo Lelievre
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  19. Les filles de la nuit - 2:56

  20. Sans toi (more info)
  21. Sans toi - 2:49

  22. Si petite (more info)
  23. Si petite - 2:57

  24. Moi j'crache dans l'eau (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Tranchant
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  25. Moi j'crache dans l'eau - 3:20

  26. Solitude (more info)
    Composed by: Laurant Carcel
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  27. Solitude - 3:22

  28. C'est pas la peine (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Delettre
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  29. C'est pas la peine - 3:18

  30. Parle-moi d'autre chose (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Delettre
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  31. Parle-moi d'autre chose - 3:14

  32. J'ai laisse mon cœur (more info)
    Composed by: Michel Emer
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  33. J'ai laiss?mon c?r - 3:20

  34. Viens danser quand même (more info)
    Composed by: Jean Delettre Jamblan
    Lucienne Boyer, vocals

  35. Viens danser quand m?e - 3:15


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