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This item is currently out of print.

DRIFTING AND DREAMING Themes of the Big Bands, Vo l. 2 (1934 - 1945) With the first flowering of commercial dance units and pioneering days of radio...

Disc 1

    Leap Frog (more info)
    Performed by: Les Brown Orchestra
    Composed by: Leo Corday Joseph Garland
    Recording date: 10 May 1945

  1. Leap Frog - 2:34

  2. The very thought of you (more info)
    Performed by: New Mayfair Orchestra Billie Holiday Orchestra
    Conducted by: Ray Noble
    Billie Holiday, vocals
    Al Bowlly, vocals
    Recording date: 13 September 1938

  3. The Very Thought Of You - 3:31

  4. Porgy and Bess (more info)
    Performed by: Joe Lippman Orchestra Charlie Parker Strings Bob Crosby Orchestra
    Composed by: Charlie Parker George Gershwin
    Sarah Vaughan, vocals
    Sidney Bechet, soprano saxophone
    Bob Crosby, vocals
    Recording date: 21 December 1949

  5. Summertime - 3:01

  6. The Waltz You Saved For Me (more info)
    Performed by: Wayne King Orchestra
    Composed by: Gus Kahn Emil Flindt Wayne King
    Recording date: 23 October 1940

  7. The Waltz You Saved For Me - 3:05

  8. My Time Is Your Time (more info)
    Performed by: Rudy Vallee Connecticut Yankees
    Composed by: Leo Dance Jack Little
    Recording date: 6 February 1942

  9. My Time Is Your Time - 3:05

  10. Artistry in Rhythm (more info)
    Performed by: Stan Kenton Orchestra
    Composed by: Stan Kenton
    Recording date: 19 November 1943

  11. Artistry In Rhythm - 3:18

  12. It's A Lonesome Old Town (more info)
    Performed by: Ben Bernie Orchestra
    Composed by: Charles Kisco Harry Tobias
    Don Saxon, vocals
    Recording date: 15 August 1941

  13. It's A Lonesome Old Town - 2:41

  14. Nola (more info)
  15. Nola - 2:53

  16. Apurksody (more info)
    Performed by: Gene Krupa Orchestra
    Composed by: Chappie Willett
    Gene Krupa, drumset
    Recording date: 12 December 1938

  17. Apurksody - 2:55

  18. Racing With The Moon (more info)
    Performed by: Vaughn Monroe Orchestra
    Composed by: Vaughn Monroe Paul Jay Pope John Kluczko Watson
    Vaughn Monroe, vocals
    Recording date: 17 February 1941

  19. Racing With The Moon - 3:15

  20. Hell's Bells (more info)
    Performed by: Art Kassel Kassels-In-The-Air
    Composed by: Art Kassel
    Recording date: 24 October 1939

  21. Hell's Bells - 2:21

  22. A Blues Serenade (more info)
    Performed by: Henry King Orchestra Percy Faith Orchestra
    Composed by: Frank Signorelli Mitchell Parish
    Joseph Sudy, vocals
    Sarah Vaughan, vocals
    Recording date: 2 August 1936

  23. A Blues Serenade - 2:59

  24. Quaker City Jazz (more info)
    Performed by: Jan Savitt Top Hatters
    Composed by: Jan Savitt Jimmy Schultz
    Recording date: 21 October 1938

  25. Quaker City Jazz - 1:57

  26. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (more info)
    Performed by: Jack Teagarden Orchestra
    Composed by: Harold Arlen
    Billie Holiday, vocals
    Jack Teagarden, vocals
    Recording date: 28 April 1939

  27. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues - 2:46

  28. Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23 (more info)
    Performed by: Freddy Martin Orchestra
    Composed by: Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
    Ray Austin,
    Recording date: 16 June 1941

  29. Piano Concerto in B Flat - 3:14

  30. Drifting And Dreaming (more info)
    Performed by: Orrin Tucker Orchestra
    Composed by: Haven Gillespie Edwin Schmidt Loyal Curtis Egbert Van Alstyne
    Recording date: 5 December 1939

  31. Drifting And Dreaming - 2:58

  32. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (more info)
    Performed by: Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
    Composed by: George Bassman
    Bob Crosby, vocals
    Recording date: 18 October 1935

  33. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - 3:36

  34. Skyliner (more info)
    Performed by: Charlie Barnet Orchestra
    Composed by: Charlie Barnet
    Recording date: 03 August 1944

  35. Skyliner - 3:01


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